Ruteoliva - Envalisur S.L.

Filling of oil and Laboratory food-processing

Company placed in Rute, Cordoba, geographical center of Andalusia, dedicated to packed of olive oil, in all his varieties and in all his formats.

Rute's region, it is placed in the south of the province of Cordoba, at the foot of the subAndalusian saw, where from immemorial epoch there have taken place the best oils of the Iberian peninsula. From the Roman Empire to the present day, the olive oil has been a currency of change, lubricant, combustible, preserving, medicine, food and seasoning of the valued Mediterranean diet.

From this web let's sense beforehand our company and we invite him to that it knows our services.


Original and personalized presents

Envalisur S.L. takes more than a decade bagging the best extra virgin olive oils and now presents its new advertising Division PUBLIOLIVA the department forward.

In this catalog we offer a wide range of packages, which will undoubtedly personality and originality to your gifts.

Advertise your company or business, customize conferences, meetings, celebrations and any another milestone, with a natural product, which includes health, culture and tradition.

We also have a large selection of vinegars (vintage wine and balsamic.)